Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#47 of 365. Olive Garden Date

February 16th/ Yummy Garden Salad

Picture: This salad from Olive Garden was so good. I couldn't eat as much as I wanted though, because I still had a whole chicken alfredo pizza to eat. Hubby got me on to craving Olive Garden pizza because he said he cooked a home made chicken pizza the other day. I want to try out his creation. He said it was good. hmmm.....Inquiring minds want a taste. In the mean time, he happily came along for the date I treated him on as well as myself. ^_^ He loves a suga momma haha...Jk. He is a hard working person.

Other: So this weekend, is vast approaching. And I am super exuberant about spending four whole days alone with my hubby. We haven't been alone in a house or anywhere really since we got married. We are going to his parent's lake cabin.
Oh, the stuff that will go down those days. hehe
I'm just hoping my body doesn't go against me.
The only horrid part about the lake cabin is no internet. But that is ok I have my phone and or paper and a pen to write down the daily thoughts that I may blog about when I get back from the woods.
I'm really not that sad about no internet. I need time with the hubby. So that is why at this moment I am at school, and about to get started on the rest of the homework that must be completed before my get away.

Onward I go. Chow!

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