Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#46 of 365. No Worries, Be Happy

February 15th/ Beauty

Picture:  I took this picture today at lunch. It is a picture of my neighbors yard. I love the new editing that I've picked up. I will from this day start initialing my work. I don't want someone to take credit for it. Whoever they may be. 

I love this picture! ^_^ go me! 

Other: Another day of hell, just kidding, it’s really not. Life is good.

I really should look on the bright side of things. It takes more effort to think about all the things that make me jealous, irritable, sad, depressed, and etc.

I’m going to kick anxiety and shit in the ass though. I’m not getting Celexa refilled. Lol..I’m gong to see how long I can last. I was good for 20 years without it. I can do that shit again. I don’t like being told, “YOU CAN’T DO IT.”  I can do whatever I set my mind to. I wanted to make the deans list last semester and I did. I have been able to get over the worst of situations. For example, being sexually abused before I was a teenager by a cousin. I have never said that on "paper" like that. But it's the truth. I have since then moved on and essentially forgiven the person. If I can "get over" that hurdle in my life, I can do anything. I am a strong person, and I won't let stupid shit get in between me and my happiness. 

So what do I say now to hubby leaving for 6 months? Oh well, gotta do what cha gotta do.

So what do I say to him getting hit on? Yea, he’s damn hot that’s why, but the best part is he’s mine. He comes home to me. And I know he wouldn't cheat. I trust him. 

So what do I say to being lonely? Crochet, knit, watch tv, do yoga, run, go out with friends or call a friend, go to a movie, go look around shops, take pictures. Don’t sit there and sulk on what I don’t have. Stay busy!

I’m determined, to not let the small negative things turn into something way bigger than it ought to be. There’s no point! It only hurts me. I hurt myself. 

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