Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#19 of 365. Writing is NOT a go

January 19th/Darkness

This picture was taken outside of the gym that I worked out in today.

I got a good workout in, and went out side to brisk air to see the moon shining bright.

I went to class. Later, checked my email afterward to see a rude awakening from my writing teacher...really puts a damper on my spirits. She even started a new folder on the online class showing the "superior papers" that she graded as As, which was only one from a foreigner might I add. This makes me feel really non-superior. *sigh* I'll try to take her harsh criticisms and learn from my mistakes on previous work. There is nothing else I can do, besides weep for just a moment.

I'm starting to feel very overwhelmed at the amount of work I have.

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