Saturday, January 8, 2011

#7 of 365. The Circle

January 7th/Circle of Friends
These are my dear friends. Well, I'll break it down somewhat,the the two girls, and the white boy that is not my husband have been my friends for about nine years now. Unlike some friend-relationships I didn't hang out with them every-weekend or see them everyday, yet we are still pretty dam close! They saw each other everyday though, they all went to school together. I, on the other hand saw them maybe once a week, 2x a week if I was lucky. Even though our friendship was long distance, and even today it is, we still kick it like nobodies business. When we get together we act a pure fool, and we have fun doing it. We catch up on what's new and what was old.

Yesterday, I was suppose to post this before today, because this is my picture of the day for my 365 project. I didn't get home in time to do this because I got see and spend some time with the "circle". What we did though, that's for another post.

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