Thursday, January 13, 2011

#13 of 365. Over-Exaggerate Much?

January 13th/ me

Starting Tuesday my hubby went back home to Titus, I forgot to take my Zyrtec, and now I’m as sick as a dog. I’m at my work station with a whole roll of toilet paper and a big jug of water. I’ve been depriving myself of water, and now that I’m actually swigging it down. My body feels like a dry plant that has just tasted the suckling, drips of rain water. AHH! So refreshing! My poor nose has been on a roller coater with tissue, so now the skin below my nostrils are so dried and crusted over. That sight is pretty disgusting to even behold. I pray to be better soon; I have too much to do to be sick. L  Thankfully, snuggle buddy will be holding my hurting body soon, as in tomorrow!
As I digress, I was sitting in the lunch hall of my school eating some yummy Carmel flavored chex mix, and my eyes beheld a group of people. One of the individuals there was what I would call a fanatical god-person. He seems “normal”, as in the guy that plays the sports at school, the seemingly popular type, yet on facebook he is oddly over-exaggerated, about his Christian beliefs. Every post is something of that nature, and it gets old very fast. To be honest it does not always have to be about Christian type things that can be over-exaggerated. For example, there is a girl on my facebook, that is in love with her boyfriend. Every post it is I love him, I miss him, I love him, I miss him, ya ya ya…SO Annoying! Why? Because it is fanatical, I can not stand it.
Here’s my point, just because you like water does not mean you should drink, breath, and only be about water. There is a thing called, moderation. There is a place and a time for all things. I don’t mind a Christian talk here or there, but all the time is too much, it scares me, and it may scare others. It could scare them away to the point where they don’t want to have anything to do with your beliefs. I can speak from experience.
Also there is this facebook group called something about “change the world” or something like that. It is what I would call a group of over-exaggerated people that kind of scare me. I ignored it, and they tried again. Right now I do believe they are still just sitting there in my “add people” box. If they aren’t I deleted the request again.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a Christian hater, I do believe and put my trust in Jesus, but I do not go over board with it. Not as much as I use to. I live and I learn.
And, I think I may finally be coming to place of my own.

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