Sunday, January 23, 2011

#23 of 365 day of project

January 23rd/ Little Brother and Sister
Picture: Here is moi and my little siblings on a Sunday after church.


I knitted some more of my hat with yarn made from corn!

Took pictures

Got jealous of those ladies with long natural hair. Wrong? Yes! I know I'll one day be where they are at, but cheese and crackers, it takes forever. Patience patience patience....I'm learning...

Talked to hubby.

Missed him dearly

Briefed half a case, which was a weird one btw.

Bought soymilk and yogurt covered pretzels from Walgreen. OMG I will never do that again. Walgreen's covered pretzels suck! As for the soymilk it may continue to grow  on me.

I read a new blog about a black boy speaking Korean, IDKY but that is cool! I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish, but never kept it up. Shame....I will most likely be taking it again in college so that I can get the last 4 credits I'll need to graduate! HALLELUJAH!

I clearly did not do a good job of staying within my calorie range or keeping up with it for that matter. Double workout for me this week. That's o.k. I have a goal in mind for my body weight! 

I have a terrible headache, an upset stomach, and ready to pass out.


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