Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#11 of 365. Henna

January 11th/Natural Hair Dye

I mixed these two henna boxes up today. The pasty, textured green antidote will be applied to my hair tomorrow after work! Unfortunately, class is in session and my classmates will have to possibly smell the slight stench of herbs on my head, because the henna must stay on for a couple of hours. Oh the joy of non-chemical dye smell! From what research I have pulled recently, the henna will give my hair a slight reddish undertone as well as strengthen my hair. Remember, I am working on thickening my hair. So with the protein treatment from Afogee and this Henna Gloss Treatment, I should be well on my way! And to be honest, I already feel a difference in my roots, at least I think so!

*Crosses fingers*

What I Mixed Into The Henna:
1. two boxes of the above
2. two cups of hot water diluted with apple-cider vinger
3. one-fourth cup of melted coconut oil

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