Saturday, January 22, 2011

#22 of 365.

January 22nd/Breakfast with the Ladies

Shame on me! I almost forgot to post tonight. I got caught up in the yarns of my love, which means knitting. I'm knitting a hat for my cousin as a bet. I don't think she thinks I will send her a package to her home of Buffalo New York! I'll have to post a pic of it done. I love this yarn that I'm using. It has some sentimental value to it as well. I got it from Alaska., and it is made of corn. That is cool. Anyway, as I digress, today was filled with so much.
1. I stirred up some old folks at my winter board meetingby saying marijuana should be legalized and taxed. That was pretty funny. If only I could have taken a picture of the old, republican probate judge!

2. I got a lot of cool goodies and jewelry from the meeting, and I met some awesome ladies! They are great to talk to.  Oh not to mention I received a first time members award, and 20 dollars in AALS cash. I wonder what that will get me. I know the $5 gift card to Target will get me something nice. ^_^

3. I received my A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. I will start reading that during church tomorrow.

4. I didn't care about school work, which is due tomorrow

5. I came home to having to clean up and change my sheets because my parents friends thought they were staying in my room for the night. HA! Thank God those plans changed. At least I have new sheets on my bed.

6. I missed hubby like crazy, in more than one way *wink, wink*

7. And now I'm going to sleep. I'm sure I'll talk in my sleep again. That really is a habit I need to break. What if I'm sleeping with hubby and I say something I shouldn't say! EH! I see myself getting into trouble for some reason.

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