Thursday, January 20, 2011

#20 of 365. My Day

January 20th/My Addiction

Picture: To simply put it, I'm addicted to my driod. I was once going to downgrade, but this thing is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I can't get rid of it. The internet at my fingertips is wooonnndddeerrrful! And I'm able to reply to emails asap and also see the important emails asap.  I say it's a curse because, my hubby doesn't like when i stay on it too much.

About the Day: There is not a lot to talk about today, but let me go through my day in a nut shell.

got up at 630

yelled at my little sister, because she was not dressed for school

got to work way early and started working on school work

did my job until lunch, took my lunch break

worked out for 35 minutes on my lunch break. I burned a total of 259 calories WHOOHOO

went back to work

did some more school work in between job work

got off at 430

went straight to the gumpster

ate at smoothy king (gladiator) and panera bread (1/2 of three cheese chicken Caesar sandwich).

forgot to use my panera card, which I should have because I couldve gotten more free things.

i wasted money on that meal and ate over 500 calories. Its ok though I still didn't go over my 1200 calorie intake.

went to school

talked to Tania for a bit! Haven't seen her in a long time. She's still dating her dude (3yrs).

I told her marriage life is great

went to class

talked to christiana

bashed that blasted writing teacher

did some homework

walked past a classroom having church

i listened to the preacher for a little bit in the bathroom


blogging at school

going to finish that last computer law application question

going home to take a pic of the day

doing some more school work...maybe

cleaning room

packing for my NALS Winter Board Meeting

putting my hair in a braid-knot-out 

Saying my prayers

going to bed.

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