Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#25 of 365. Workout

January 25th/Workout

When will it be my breaking point? My point to where I don’t care about what I eat and what I look like? I’m hoping that I will never reach that breaking point! I love the feeling of accomplishment after an intense workout, and I love the fact that I am dropping the one pound a week. And I love that I’m being healthy for a change. If it weren’t for my dear husband and his encouragement to add the fitness pal app to my phone I would still be eating what I wanted and gaining weight, which in return would make me cringe at the sight of my naked body and drown myself esteem.  

Today, for lunch was a vegetarian meal, broccoli, mushrooms, and rice with water. My mother is what I would say a “half” vegetarian. She eats fish as a meat. So when she cooks for her, I’ll get some of what she’s got.

I’ve also realized that, since I’ve been working out regularly, my emotions have been “on point”, well not as of today. But when they are it is more controlled than if I weren’t working out. I’m happy, fine, great, not stressed without my happy pills, FINALLY! Not only is my body inside and out looking good, my emotions are looking good too! And let me tell you, I could be stressed out if I wanted too. I have a full load just about everyday. I can’t slack up on anything, or I will get behind and start to loose my mind. School is the main reason why I would want to be stressed.

So how is April doing? She is doing great!

Subject Change: Monday, was a relief and a change of mind. I met my writing teacher for the first time. She is not that ridiculously difficult teacher that does not want to boost anyone’s confidence on their writing. She’s not the fire-breathing dragon that I was expecting! In actuality she is a perky, witty, honest, sweet elderly person. Her words on the emails may have triggered anger in my spirit, but now that I know who she and what she wants; reading those words on the screen won’t trigger my anger as it did. I finally have a sense of peace with this class, and getting an A won’t be as hard as I thought. But of course it will be a lot of work!

I want to strive for more A’s this semester, and I think I can do it. I KNOW I can do it!  I sound like a control freak/over achiever, but I don’t think I am. I’ll have to ask hubby, he’ll tell me the truth in a heartbeat!   

Subject Change:  I am really tempted to buy myself the remote switch with an extension cord for my camera so I can take better self portraits. It’s not a high priced piece of equipment either….hmm…I’ll ponder this awhile. I know I can’t right now, because I’m low on funds and I can’t find my debit card at the moment. I need to find that by the end of the day or I’m cancelling that sucker. 

I found my debit card, it was in one of my pockets, and now that I'm home from work I feel better than I was at
work. Not only was i feeling sick, but I was a bit down. I'm ok now though. 

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