Saturday, January 8, 2011

#8 of 365. Shirley

January 8th/ Good Deed Pasture  

It was such a glorious day today. I spent a lovely time lounging around my room watching netflix with the hubby along with detangling and dusting the ends of my hair, such a tedious task! I saw some crucial looking knots and split ends. I only have myself to blame for that atrociousness. I haven't been sleeping with my bonnet....shame on moi. I must stick to a strict regime in order to keep the split ends and knots at bay.

After we realized that our stomachs were having a conversation with us, we decided to shut it up by scooting our way to subway for some yummy foot-longs. As soon as we were satisfied we made our way to the good deed of the day, which was to pay Shirley Marie a visit to help her set up her new printer/scanner and Wii she received for Christmas from the Terry Family. The poor lady is very sweet and oh so grateful for us to help her, but she is in some ways friendless, and she lives alone with her pet pup, Cricket. Even poor Cricket is delighted to see our faces, as his bad "dog order" creeps into our nostrils.  When we leave, I see the yearning in her eyes to bid us stay as long as possible to keep her company, but of course we can't stay. Even though her eyes fill with a bit of sadness as we part, we know that when we visit her again she will be a bubble of joy once again and the cloud that seems to linger will disappear for just a moment more.

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