Monday, January 3, 2011

#3 of 365. Bathroom Thoughts

January 3rd/Bathroom at Work

I took the picture of the bathroom stall today, because it intrigues me how sometimes the best thoughts can be thought of while on the stall or just in the bathroom in general.
The bathroom in some ways can be the “peaceful ground.” The bathroom is small yet a quaint place where I can hear my own thoughts and answer my own thoughts in clear dialogue. Just the other night, I made a nice hot bath in the hotel where I was staying in MS and just sat there while sipping on some Nuvo. Even when my husband joined me, it was still a nice place to be. Actually, a nice conversation took place between us two as our skin shriveled like a raisin, and as we listened to the sweet tunes of soft Jack Johnson type music. So, taking a warm bath every now and then when you have a time to relax is a good idea. Maybe that can be a place to actually hear yourself think.
Subject change: So, as of today. I feel bad spiritually, maybe because of this weekend. I did all the things that I was taught to not do as child because the Lord is not pleased with those types of behaviors, why? Because it is sin! My husband and I grew up on total different sides of the fence, so he doesn’t understand why I may feel bad about cursing too much and so forth. *sigh* I don’t want to think about this anymore today, because it will get me into cah-hoodles with the hubby. Sometimes I wish he were just like me in that area.

I’ll repent of my sins, make a change, and keep going, right? That’s all I can do.Too bad someone won't join me. *insert bad word* 

On topic: Now into the shower I go, where I can wipe myself clean and start tomorrow fresh....

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