Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hair Style For This Week

I got this hairstyle idea from another blog.I think it's fantastic! My next style I'll try is this one.
This year, I definitely want to keep retaining length, and minimize on single strand knots that I get! Last year, I had single strand knots by the truck load! I had to cut about an inch off my ends. I was happy to record that I grew 6 inches of hair in a year. So I want to continue that for this coming year. I’m praying for 12 inches or more by the end of this year and considerably less single strand knots.
I researched diligently, for awhile on how to minimize those nasty little monsters called knots. And, what I’ve come up with is to use my huetiful steamer once a week, detangle with my fingers, and keep my hair stretched by twisting or braiding it at night. If I use a comb, I must be very gentle and start from bottom up.
I’m trying to get use to this finger combing technique to detangle. If it didn’t take for ever to do my whole head I wouldn’t resort quickly to a conventional comb. I’m a busy person! Especially when school starts Monday, hair will be the last thing on my mind.
Its funny how, since deciding to go natural September 9, 2009, I’ve been obsessed with growing my hair and taking care of it. When I was relaxed, I wasn’t as thoughtful about my hairs growing on the top of my head. I was always told that I had long hair, even though in my eyes it wasn’t or how thick it was, but not really for me.  
As far as thickening my hair goes, I haven’t done too much research on it, but I do believe that since being natural I haven’t been as gentle with my hair as I should. So I’ll be more gentle and not pull my hair with a comb while completely wet. Wet hair equals easily broken hair. EH! So operation, keep more hairs on my head is a go!
Also for 2011, I want to continue doing protective styles, and record the ones I do on here. I’ll do a protective style and then forget how I did it or that I even did the style in the first place. So this blog will also by my hair diary. 
The only challenge is to keep this up, I am a starter and sometimes not a finisher! Finishing projects will be my goal for this year, I think I’ll be able to conquer it! I have will-power! 

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